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Site Last Updated 11/04/2017 

Xtal Set Society, PO Box 3636, Lawrence, KS, 66046              Email:                                                                405-517-7347             

Dedicated to once again building  and experimenting with radio electronics.

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​​Crystal Sets? Yup, you’ve found an entire site about building Crystal Sets. The Society has been growing since 1991; still, some people are flabbergasted to find an entire society dedicated to Crystal Set radios or "Xtal Sets".

Books, articles and products are available at our On-Line-Store; just click the On-Line-Store tab at far right above​. Book Volume 26-27 completes our series of newsletters for 2016 and 2017. An index of all 481 articles written for the Society from 1991-2017 is also listed in the book section by title, author and date.

Look at our SPECIALS selection on the On-Line-Store page; The popular CRYSTAL SET BONANZA book is on sale. 

As you may know, the Society offered for sale a number of ultrasound kits too. That kit series has now been discontinued. However, the manuals  are now compiled in a book titled Ultrasound Kits and  you can order this inexpensive text that includes the complete kit manuals for the RX1, RX3 and parabolic dish. Just click on the on-line-store tab at upper right above and then click on books.

The Xtal Set Society  has numerous books, parts, and other kits for purchase. Enjoy our site: Patricia, The Crystal Queen , Editor, Xtal Set Society News.